My niche writing services are blogging, editing and ghostwriting.

You have a blog on your website. 
You have ideas about what content you want to share. You probably have expectations around when you should post.

And you probably have no time to get it done.

Provide me with an outline and the point you want to make.  Let me craft it into an easy to read, digestible post that you will give your readers value.

I’ll ensure that you are considered the subject matter expert on the topic.

You’ve written an article, blog post, speech or policy document. You need a second pair of eyes on the content to ensure it makes sense, is easy to read and gets the point across.

Provide me with your draft and let me be your second pair of eyes.

I’ll ensure that you get your point across in simple language that anyone can read and understand.

You are asked to write about your experiences, your knowledge or your point of view for an article, a blog post, a speech or an interview.

But you don’t like writing. Or you don’t have the time.

Provide me with the expectations and an outline of the points you need to make.

I’ll ensure you will be proud to attach your name to the document.

Do you have other writing needs? Contact me and let’s talk about them.